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I Thought Love Was Only True In Fairy Tales And Social Network

I Thought Love Was Only True In Fairy Tales And Social Network

I thought love was only true in fairy tales, meant for someone else but not for me

But anyway, I joined an online dating site and met a girl.

I hadn't put my own picture up on my dating profile, just a picture of my pickup.

But that's okay, because she'd just put a picture of her dog

I sent her a message, something almost-clever like, “Your dog can ride in my pickup any time,” and she responded.

We hit it off pretty quickly, and started chatting regularly.  Every day, sometimes throughout the day

Slowly we learned more about each other

Her dog's name was Daisy

My truck's name was Dodge Ram (I apologized for my lack of creativity)

She was a CPA

I was a beekeeper.

And at this, she stumbled

“If we ever meet in real-life, I want you to know that I could never date a beekeeper.” But we were still far away from that point, so it was moot.

But time went on, and we gradually became closer to that point

More personal information

What firm she worked for

Where my farm was

Names of relatives

Names of high schools

All the things that just come up in conversation eventually if you talk to someone long enough.

But, oddly, after all this time, neither of us had thought to send any pictures

Until one day I got a message from her: “I never thought I'd say this, but I really do want to meet you in person

I think we have a rare connection, and I don't want to squander it

I want to send you my picture, and I want you to send me yours, but I'm telling you, I can never date a beekeeper.”

I couldn't imagine a life without my bees

But I also couldn't imagine a life without her

Tentatively, reluctantly, I clicked on the image attached to her message.

Then I saw her face

Now I'm a bee leaver.