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Story: The Lion And The Mouse

Story: The Lion And The Mouse

One day a lion was sleeping in front of its cave.

At that time a little mouse playing nearby by chance ran over the lion's body.

Lion woke with very angry and start searching for who disturbed the sleep.

He found the little mouse nearby and said, “How dare you tease me? I will kill you.''

The mouse begged for its life.

It said, ‘'You Majesty, I am a tiny creature

If you kill a poor creature like me, it will do you no honor

Save my life for this time.”

Out of pity the lion let the mouse go.

The Lion and the MouseSome days after, the lion was caught in a hunter's net.

Lion tried hard but could not get out

He began to roar.

The mouse heard the roar of the lion.

It at once came to the net and said, “Your Majesty, please be quite

I will gnaw at the ropes of the net with my little sharp teeth

Then you will be released.''

The mouse cut the net into pieces with its teeth and set the lion free.

The lion said, “Dear little friend, thank you very much you have saved my life.”

Moral of the story:

Being kind to someone is never a waste.