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The Two Jewels Story

The Two Jewels Story

A deeply religious Rabbi lived happily with his family, an admirable woman and two dear sons.

One time, he had to be away from home for several days due to work

When he was away, a serious car accident killed his two boys.

Alone, the mother suffered in silence

But being a strong woman, backed up by her faith and trust in God, she endured the shock with dignity and bravery.

However, she constantly worried how she was going to break this sad news to her husband.

Even though he was a man of faith, he had already been admitted to the hospital for cardiac problems in the past and his wife feared that learning about the tragedy would kill him too.

On the eve of her husband's arrival, she prayed earnestly and was given the grace of an answer.

On the following day, the Rabbi returned home, embraced his wife warmly and asked for their sons

His wife told him not to worry about that, he should take a shower and rest.

Hours later, both of them sat down to have lunch

She asked him for details about his journey, he told her about everything he had experienced, spoke of God's mercy, but asked about the boys again.

His wife, in a quiet embarrassed posture, answered her husband, “Leave them alone, we'll worry about them later.

First I want you to help me solve a problem I consider serious.”

Her husband, already worried, asked,

“What happened? I noticed you are worn! Tell me everything that goes through your soul and I am sure we will solve any problem together, with the help of God.”

“While you were away, a friend of ours visited me and left two jewels of incalculable worth for us to save.

Those are very precious jewels! I have never seen something so stunning! He is coming to get them back and I don't want to give them back to him as I have already taken a liking to them

What do you say?”

“Well now, woman! I don't understand you! Vanities have never appealed to you!”

“It is that I had never seen such jewels! I can't accept the idea of losing them forever!”

And the Rabbi answered: “No one loses what he doesn't own

Keeping them would be like stealing! We are going to return them and I will help you get over them

We will do that together, today.”

“Very well, my dear, as you wish

The treasure will be returned

In truth, that has already been done.

The precious jewels were our sons

God trusted us their guard and during your trip he came to get them

They are gone…”

The Rabbi embraced his wife, and together they shed many tears, but he had understood the message and from that day on they fought to overcome the loss together.